Why Be a Mason Licensee?

Producing Mason gear allows you to meet a growing demand of over 34,000 students, 6,300 employees and 148,000 alumni. Affiliation with George Mason University allows you to enhance involvement and be a part of the always growing Mason Community. The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the licensing agent for the university.  As such, CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program; including processing applications, collecting royalties and enforcing proper usage.

An alphabetical listing of George Mason University Licensees is

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Listed below are several types of licensing agreements administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

Internal Campus Supplier:

This license is for internal suppliers, the products are sold to the institution for internal use only.

  • $100 application fee
  • $100 annual administrative fee
  • Exempt from royalties on product for internal use (i.e., giveaways)
  • Must report royalties on product resold for profit (i.e., fundraising)
  • Must affiliate with the Fair Labor Association (FLA)
  • Must submit all orders/designs directly to Mason for approval via MyiCLC, including the following information (or your submission could be disapproved):
    • customer name
    • e-mail
    • phone
    • quantity
    • organization
    • giveaway or resale for profit (i.e., fundraising)


This license is for local companies and/or individuals. The products are geographically confined to in-state or “local region” companies that intend to make products for resale. The license may be held for 1-5 schools from the local area.


This license is for the production of emblematic merchandise to be sold in retail by an individual or company.

For more Information:

On Licensing, selling Mason gear, and contact information 

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Logos on Demand

George Mason University trademarks/logos are available through JPatton on Demand. JPatton is a full service logo distribution and management program designed to ensure the most accurate and efficient methods for users to access trademarks/logos.

Visual Identity

Maintaining a consistent and professional image is important to the success of the Mason brand. George Mason University licensees are encouraged, within the guidelines, to be creative in the application of the marks. All designs are subject to approval by the Collegiate Licensing Company and Trademark Licensing prior to use.

Please review the George Mason Brand Guide for guidelines and proper usage of marks, names, and logos before producing any George Mason branded products.





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