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Why Be a Mason Licensee?

Producing Mason gear allows you to meet the growing demand of over 38,000 students, 6,300 employees and 204,000 alumni. Affiliation with George Mason University allows you to enhance involvement and be a part of the always growing Mason Community. CLC is the licensing agent for the university.  As such, CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program; including processing applications, collecting royalties and enforcing proper usage.

An alphabetical listing of George Mason University Licensees is

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Listed below are several types of licensing agreements administered by the CLC.


Allows a company to produce products bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for university departments and related entities for internal consumption only; cannot provide products at retailer direct to consumer.

  • $250 non-refundable application fee
  • Exempt from royalties on product for internal use (i.e., giveaways)
  • Must report royalties on product resold for profit (i.e., fundraising)
  • Must affiliate with the Fair Labor Association (FLA)
  • Must submit all orders/designs directly to Mason for approval via Brand Manager 360, including the following information (or your submission could be disapproved):
    • customer name
    • e-mail
    • phone
    • quantity
    • organization
    • giveaway or resale for profit (i.e., fundraising)


Allows a company to produce products bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for sale at retail in approved retail channels and direct to consumer, as well as university departments and related entities.

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Logos on Demand

George Mason University trademarks/logos are available through JPatton on Demand. JPatton is a full service logo distribution and management program designed to ensure the most accurate and efficient methods for users to access trademarks/logos.

Visual Identity

Maintaining a consistent and professional image is important to the success of the Mason brand. George Mason University licensees are encouraged, within the guidelines, to be creative in the application of the marks. All designs are subject to approval by the CLC and Trademark Licensing prior to use.

Please review the George Mason Brand Guide for guidelines and proper usage of marks, names, and logos before producing any George Mason branded products.

Vendors List

Use our licensed vendors to help protect the brand of the university.


How do I apply for a George Mason University license through CLC?

With hundreds of companies already licensed to produce a wide range of products, only those companies that can exhibit a commitment to the collegiate market, have established production and distribution capabilities, and/or offer a new or unique product are typically granted the opportunity to obtain a license. CLC’s website has extensive information on collegiate licensing including Licensing Information, Types of Licenses, Timelines and Costs, an Application Request, and NCAA/Bowls/Conferences. Details of the licensing application process are covered, in addition to the financial and resource commitments necessary to successfully maintain a collegiate license. Additional questions can be directed via email to

How long does it take to complete the licensing process?

This can vary due to a number of factor. Because the Internal Campus Supplier application process is streamlined, it’s generally much faster. The Standard and Local application processes vary based on the number of institutions being sought. Information on these license types can be found on the License Types page. Generally, the fewer the number of institutions requested, the quicker the application process. As such, CLC highly recommends that you only apply for institutions that you are prepared to maximize in the near term. CLC strongly recommends that applicants not pursue detailed sales discussions or trade show planning until they fully complete the licensing process. In the spirit of fairness, we cannot accommodate “rush” requests as all requests are treated equally and on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are a retailer interested in carrying Mason products. Do we need to obtain a license in order to offer collegiate product?

If your company only sells finished products and does not produce, alter, repackage, or finish collegiate products in any way, you are not required to have a license. Retailers should ensure that the collegiate products they purchase are produced by licensed vendors, as discerning consumers will not purchase products that appear counterfeit or unlicensed. The current Mason licensee list can be found here and is updated periodically . Retailers that screen or embroider their own products or source the products from an associated company must obtain a collegiate license. Visit the CLC's Licensing page for additional information.

Please contact George Mason University’s licensing agent regarding licensing, royalty rates, and procedures:

1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491
Web site:


For licensing, royalty rates, and procedures outside of United States and its territories and possessions, please contact:

1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491
Web site:


For further information concerning George Mason University’s trademark licensing program, please contact:

David C. Atkins
Executive Director, Business Partnerships and Licensing
George Mason University
Merten Hall, Suite 3200
4400 University Drive, MS 4A1
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703-993-3402