Why Be A Mason Licensee

Apply to be a Mason licensee today and be a part of the always-growing Mason community!

Being a Mason licensee is a great way to reach George Mason University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and fans across the globe. As Virginia’s largest public research university, businesses have the opportunity to connect with more than 49,000 students, faculty, and staff at Mason’s campuses and more than 217,000 alumni through Mason branded products at events, conferences, ceremonies, festivals, workshops, retail stores, and more.


Retailers carry officially licensed Mason products in stores and online


Events hosted by Mason units, programs, and student organizations annually


NCAA Division I teams and a part of the elite Atlantic 10 Conference


Active alumni chapters and regional networks across East and West coasts

Bookstore George Mason University merchandise.


Interested companies can obtain an internal license or retail license through our licensing agent, CLC. For more information on collegiate licensing, types of licenses, timelines and costs, and NCAA/Bowls/Conferences, visit CLC’s website.

Internal License

Allows a company to produce product bearing the trademarks of collegiate institutions for university departments and related entities for internal consumption only. Cannot provide product at retail or direct to consumer. Additional requirements include:

  • $250 non-refundable application fee
  • Exempt from royalties on products for internal use (i.e., giveaways)
  • Must report royalties on products resold for profit (i.e., fundraising)
  • Must affiliate with the Fair Labor Association (FLA)
  • Must submit all orders/designs directly to Mason for approval via Brand Manager 360, including the following information (or your submission could be disapproved): customer name, e-mail, phone, quantity, organization, and giveaway or resale for profit (i.e., fundraising)

Retail License

Allows a company to produce product bearing the trademarks of unlimited collegiate institutions for sale in designated retail channels, direct to consumer, and university departments and related entities.


How to Apply

To become a Mason licensee, businesses should apply via CLC, the licensing agent for the university. CLC is responsible for administering the licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, and enforcing proper usage.

With hundreds of companies already licensed to produce a wide range of products, only those companies that can exhibit a commitment to the collegiate market, have established production and distribution capabilities, and/or offer a new or unique product are typically granted the opportunity to obtain a license.

Details of the licensing application process and the financial and resource commitments necessary to successfully maintain a collegiate license are covered in the process. Additional questions can be directed via email to

Processing Timeline

Internal License: The internal license application typically requires 4-8 weeks processing time.

Retail License: Standard and Local application processes vary based on the number of institutions being sought. Generally, the fewer the number of institutions requested, the quicker the application process.

CLC highly recommends that applicants only apply for institutions that they are prepared to maximize in the near term. CLC strongly recommends that applicants not pursue detailed sales discussions or trade show planning until they fully complete the licensing process. In the spirit of fairness, we cannot accommodate “rush” requests as all requests are treated equally and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request Mason Logos

Logos on Demand

George Mason University trademarks/logos are available through JPatton on Demand. JPatton is a full-service logo distribution and management program designed to ensure the most accurate and efficient methods for users to access trademarks/logos. Approved Mason licensees may secure access to the JPatton portal.

Visual Identity

Maintaining a consistent and professional image is important to the success of the Mason brand. All designs are subject to approval by CLC and Trademark Licensing prior to use.

Please review the trademark licensing guidelines for proper usage of marks, names, and logos before producing any Mason branded products.


Use our internal licensed vendors to help protect the brand of the university.

All businesses listed here have completed the necessary steps to become Mason-approved vendors. Please feel free to utilize any of these businesses for your next internal order for Mason-branded items. If your desired product is not provided by one of our licensees, please submit a vendor waiver form. Once the request is approved, George Mason University will authorize the non-licensed vendor for a one-time use of a specific trademark on a specific product order.

T-shirts, promotional items and embroidery services: Mason has awarded contracts to multiple sources for t-shirt screenprinting, promotional items, and embroidery services. Mason users ordering products using state funds must select a vendor from the authorized vendor lists.