Look for The Label

As the brand of George Mason University continues to grow, so does the threat of unlicensed merchandise. This remains a persistent concern for the university. As a Mason supporter, we need your help to put an end to this problem!

Why is this issue important?

  • It is illegal to use George Mason University’s registered marks & names without permission
  • Licensing Revenue provides for athletic student scholarships and programs
  • Licensed Vendors are required to join the Fair Labor Association. (www.fairlabor.org). Mason does not support sweatshop labor. The FLA contracts with us to enforce this.
  • Licensed Vendors are required to carry insurance that indemnifies and protects George Mason University
  • Licensed Products have been reviewed and approved with messages deemed appropriate to associate with our institution

We ENCOURAGE entrepreneurs to legally produce merchandise bearing Mason marks! We have systems in place to assist individuals and businesses through the licensing process.


So how do you tell if the product is licensed or not?

In order to tell if a product is licensed, look for the IMGCL Hologram Label

What is the IMGCL Hologram Label?

This holographic label can be found on the packaging or tag of all licensed products for sale in retail.

As far as on campus sales are concerned, the Campus Bookstore is the only store with the rights to sell merchandise. If you see someone else selling merchandise, it may not be licensed.

Please help! Don’t purchase unlicensed merchandise and, if you find it, please report a violation  or call our director of licensing, marketing, and administration David Atkins at 703-993-3402.

Help us “Look for the Label” and strengthen our brand as we enjoy the “A-10 era” at George Mason University.

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