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About Trademarks

Trademark Licensing promotes and protects the use of George Mason University trademarks. CLC  contracts with Mason in the management and marketing of its trademarks.


The mission of the trademark licensing program is to:

  • Ensure proper use of the trademarks associated with George Mason University.
  • Strengthen trademark recognition and use through relationships with retailers, licensees, campus departments, student, organizations, alumni, and fans.
  • Generate revenue that funds athletic scholarships and programs.

What's a Mason Trademark:

Mason Trademarks are properties such as names, designs, logos, and/or derivatives owned by George Mason University. The unauthorized use of such material is illegal and thereby punishable by law. For a full listing of Mason Logos please click here.


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George Mason comprises over 38,000 students, 6,300 faculty/staff, and 300 student organizations. About 560 student-athletes compete in 22 men’s and women’s Division I sports. With more than 204,000 alumni with approximately 60% residing in the Washington Metropolitan Area. As a community, the university is setting a high standard for the modern, public university.


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Mason Logos

View logos that are made available to our licensed vendors with appropriate trademark designations.